Back again am I!

I am working again on the cardinals.  Not much done as I just picked them up again.  But I think I will work on them quite a bit this week.

And doing great on my latest Names of Jesus piece.  It seems like once I start one I just really want to keep going on it.  They never get ole making and giving them away.  This one is number five.

And here is old lazy bones last night watching me on the computer.

Thanks for coming to visit this short post!   Blessings and huggles.


Rainy Days and Stitching

Boy did it pour to beat the band Monday!  But after the dry summer last year it is nice!  This was the view out the kitchen window.

And I am trying to work on the cardinals again.

And yes, I have started a new Names Of Jesus project for a former Pastor of ours.  He is having a tough time in his church right now.

And here is a shawl I am making with some clearance cotton yarn I found awhile back.  I was so happy to see it on sale as I can not wear anything made of acrylic.

And I bet you wouldn’t want to see any pictures of sylvia Joy!  Here she is just watching the world go by.

Always up for some Dad scratches.

What is that praying mantis doing on MY window?

And now a grasshopper?

Thanks so much for visiting.  huggles and blessings.

A finish! Hooray!

I have finished my Names Of Jesus project.  I really do like all the greens!  What do you think?  I will be on to another soon if I have the right size fabric.

Been working on Jack’s afghan and am finished with five of nine rows now.  It seems to go faster by doing a bunch of the motifs with the first color.  Our lovely model helps show the afghan.

Today Jack retrieved our puzzles from storage and we are starting on this wolf.  The thing will be over 3 feet long when finished.

Oh and I must show you are little visitor today.  Now I am not afraid of baby praying mantis but the big ones freak me out big time!

Jack caught Sylvia hanging out and watching him.

And lastly, I got my first issue of Cross Country Stitching that was my birthday present.  I had subscribed before but quit because the designs all started to seem pretty much the same to me.  I happened to see the cover of an issue and was surprised at how different the designs are now.  I love it and Jack gave me a subscription for my 54th birthday last month.

Thanks for coming by to visit.  Blessings and huggles.

Fun post!

I have been looking for a comfy chair for the hobby room so I can sit and stitch if Jack is model building.  We stopped at a flea market Friday and I found a chair for five dollars.  Can you believe it?  All totaled our purchases were eight dollars.  A mechanic opened the store called Agape and all profits go to help low income folks pay for car repairs.  pretty neat I think.  Here are my treasures.

What do you think of my tie backs in the kitchen?  I found the pattern on Ravelry for the little tomatoes and added a chain crochet bit and done!

Friday night rain was moving in and I thought the clouds at sunset were pretty.  Don’t you agree?

And here is my Names of Jesus piece.  I am really enjoying it and like all the greens.  I have at least two more to do for some folks.

Thanks for coming to visit.  Blessings and huggles.

Putting the cardinals away…for now.

I really, really need a break from the cardinals.  I try to pick it up and do little or nothing.  So I started my “Names of Jesus” project for a change of pace.  Normally I would do it in 3 or 4 colors but this time I am using a different green for every name.  I like it thus far.

And I have been working away on Jack’s afghan.  I got tired of going one motif at a time.  So I do the first color on a good number of them and then do the second color and attach them.  I am half way done now.

Nothing much else to show you as I have also been sewing and making dresses.  Or should I say preparing to make them.  I am using left over fabric and then I will buy a solid color for sleeves or sleeves and bodice or for skirt, depending on what I need.

Now for Miss Sylvia Joy snooping in a cupboard and just chillin’.

Thanks for visiting.  Blessings and huggles.

Rainy day stitching and fun

We had a wonderful, rainy and cool day yesterday.  I think the bush outside the window enjoyed it as well.  I stepped out on the porch to get this picture of it and the coolness was most welcome.

I have decided that doing one motif at a time on Jack’s afghan is not how I want to do it.  It seems to slow so I am doing several in the first color and then doing and attaching with the second.

And the cardinals are coming along.  Not fast enough to make me happy and I am also starting to get bored with working on them.  Makes me not work so fast I think.

I want to do another “Names of Jesus” from my friend’s website.  It is a free chart and you can find it HERE  Just sign up for the newsletter and there ya go!

Sylvia seemed to have a silly streak going yesterday and here is the proof.

Thanks for visiting!  Blessings and huggles.

Birdie feet and branches

I have been working on the Cardinals again and when Sylvia is napping I sneak a little work in on Jack’s afghan too!  It’s far to hot to be outside so might as well keep busy in here.

The moon was so pretty the night before, I had to take a couple pictures.  I sort of got my camera to cooperate!

And of course here is our girl keeping cool while looking cool (at least she thinks)  LOL!  The other night even with Jack’s hearing loss, he could here her thundering all over the place upstairs.  Then she flew down the stairs, zoomed around the corner and to the kitchen so fast, he didn’t realize she had went past him at the dining table.  Silly cat!  She scared herself playing with the lazer light today.  She bumped her stuff dog and when it hit her leg she cleared the floor by about 3 feet.  I about fell off the couch laughing and dog got a dirty look!

I have had a couple questions on the angels.  One was on how long it takes to make them and the answer is not very long at all.  They are done all in one piece and take just about 5 minutes at most.  And someone asked what I was doing with them.  Well, they are all going to one person who gives them to people needing a little lift in life.
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